For a long time, institutions of higher education have been heralded as guardians of intellectual progress—precursors to a life of success, worth and greater happiness. Most would agree that when it comes to at least the nation’s premier institutions, a college diploma offers admittance to the good life: hefty Roth IRAs, spacious homes, coveted careers and a slew of invitations for the head of the societal table. However, recently, this long-held belief has come into question by even secular members of society. Higher education, if not blatantly under fire, has drawn the aim of quite a few barrels.

Although our universities churn out some of the nation’s brightest and most promising students—many of whom go on to do wonderful things in the realm of technology, medicine, science, law and so on—there seems to be something missing. Students are graduating full of promise but emptied of meaning.

David Brooks, the well-known political and cultural commentator for The New York Times, offered an insightful and interesting interview in the Jewish publication Moment magazine called “The Evolution of David Brooks.” It’s an encouraging read to witness a man, who for much of his writing career dwelled comfortably in the secular space, gradually begin to take keen interest in the spiritual. He seems to be in the midst of a spiritual awakening, much of which, as he shares, aided by the seeds of Christian thought and doctrine.

You can read the rest of the article at OSV Newsweekly.

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