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Hello, and welcome.

My name is Chris and I have two great passions—my Catholic Christian faith and writing. The Call Collective is the fruit of my fascination with God’s presence and call within our culture. Where is God operating discreetly in the culture through current trends and events, art, film, music, literature, sports, science, technology, intellectual achievements and other areas of human activity? How does God make his presence known in our ordinary lives and the lives of others? And how does he call us from our own selfishness and brokenness into a life infused with grace, meaning and love?

I offer reflections, insight, cultural commentary and stories through a Catholic Christian lens in order to call attention to God’s presence within our culture and the activity of grace in our day-to-day lives: the space where God’s unceasing love meets our reality.


Why The Call Collective?

God’s grace is perpetually working to draw all of creation to restoration. I’m interested in exploring God’s subtle guidance and manifestation in a culture that has become increasingly secular over the last sixty years. Though our culture certainly suffers from some perilous and harrowing ideologies, attitudes and beliefs, God’s presence remains through the countless shades of truth, beauty and goodness that point to their ultimate and divine source: God the Father.

In my articles and podcast episodes I share the insights of some of society’s greatest thinkers, writers, artists, scientists, philosophers, spiritual guides and seekers of truth—including both Christians and non-Christians—combined with my own personal experiences, thoughts and understanding of Catholicism. My hope is to share the truth, goodness and beauty of the Catholic faith in order to help others recognize grace moving within our culture and God’s call to transform it into one that reflects mercy, hope and love.

My writing and podcasts cover the following topics:

  • Advice and insight related to the spiritual life that takes into account God’s presence and call within the culture
  • Reviews of current cultural trends and news through a Catholic Christian perspective
  • Cultural commentary on films, music, books, TV and more through a Catholic Christian perspective
  • Personal reflections and stories related to the spiritual life to help us grow closer to God

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My Story

Chris' Story

I grew up in Temecula, a suburb in Southern California known for its fledgling wineries, hot air balloon rides and relentlessly hot summer days. After going to college in L.A. I moved to San Diego, where I live today.

I’ve always been drawn to writing as a kid. I remember scribbling down stories during my elementary school days. In barely legible handwriting on yellow-lined paper I poured out my imagination. I was proud of these narratives, my crowning achievement being a short story about three astronauts who land on a frozen planet and have to find their way back home. It wasn’t the most original of tales, and though there were some structural flaws with plot and character development—and worse, that I didn’t know what either of those things were at the time—it stood the test of time, evidenced by it still being tucked away somewhere at my parents’ place. I think.

After college I did some soul searching, as they say, and settled on my passion for writing, on storytelling. This led me to my current position with a private Christian university in their marketing and creative services department. I’m very grateful for and happy with the work I do. I feel at home. I get to write, be creative and communicate to others. Plus, I get to promote a message of Christian higher education, which I find very meaningful.

About five years ago I had a “conversion experience.” I don’t like to phrase it that way (even though I just did) since it marks a definitive point in time. I’ve found the spiritual life to be an ongoing process of conversion. I was always Catholic, at least culturally, but after a series of difficult events, I found myself wandering aimlessly, seeking meaning in my life. At the age of 23 I began a serious quest to find God and my place in this world. Both my faith and passion for writing has resulted in The Call Collective.

I like to tell stories and write. I’ve found an outlet for that passion in my profession as a writer, but also in the ministry, volunteer and literary fiction writing I do. I’ve discovered that words, stories and art can heal our souls and minds—they can lift us up to God.


My Hope

I’m inspired by words, stories and art that reflect beauty, goodness and truth. I believe I have a calling to reflect God in my creative work—and I have an obligation to take that seriously.

It’s my hope that whether you’re already a committed Christian or simply a seeker of truth that you find inspiration and guidance here—that you see more clearly God’s presence within the culture and the unique call he has for you. And that you are encouraged to share generously your gifts with others, making God’s love more fully present and accessible in our homes, communities and the culture at large.

So thanks for reading, and welcome.


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